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Bath Pride at Bath Carnival in 2017

Bath Pride has, since it's birth in Summer 2017, been the small seed of a flower ready to burst. With small events popping up here and there, it is time for a true event to sprout and bloom.

In Summer 2017, an LGBT+ themed section of Bath Carnival took place within the Bath Carnival Parade. A success through and through, ran by a small team of volunteers ranging from different Prides, to LGBT+ businesses, from LGBT+ Youth Groups, to members of the LGBT+ Liaisons Team within the council. Although the team put on a great parade, and we were all excited for the year following and what we had to show, the team became an unfortunate one hit wonder and disbanded due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bath Pride at Bath Carnival in 2017, original committee member

Carnival 2018 crept up on Bath again, but fortunately a new small group of volunteers came together to create the same atmosphere as last year, additionally involving the LGBT+ Police Force, the LGBT+ Fire Department, GayWest, TransPride, and numerous other ally businesses. The creation of the Bath Pride was on it's way, but the growth of Bath Pride was once again stunted due to more unfortunate circumstances, leaving the committee of Bath Pride down to one individual.

Following from 2018's Carnival, there have been cogs turning behind the scenes, and we are now planning to announce a full LGBT+ Pride Day in Bath for 2020.

If you are interested in being a part of Bath Pride, please contact us here.

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