Bath Pride is a non-profit organisation who holds LGBT+ events and support networks across the city of Bath

Bath Pride is run entirely by volunteers. Some of us work all year round as part of the core team, some volunteer at events or offer their talents to help us raise important funds.


No matter how big or small the contribution, making Bath Pride a success can be done through the people who take the time to make it happen, and there's always room for more in our team.


LGBT+ at heart!

Bath Pride includes people of every race and faith, whether disabled or able-bodied, and all sexualities and genders including lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, trans*, genderqueer, gender variant or non-binary as well as straight and cis allies.

We are constantly looking for more volunteers for all year-round help, with a goal to help us deliver what we hope will become a first-class Pride. We are always looking to add to our diversity and are especially keen to receive applications from all communities. Gender equality is always a key consideration for us.

"Bath deserves a Pride event that's child friendly, theatrical, cultural, and of course for LGBT+ people. Bath is the only city in the world that is a World Heritage Site, and it needs a Pride to mark it as not only is at cultural and historical city, but an up to date one aswell."

-Sab Samuel, Chair

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